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The line graph illustrates the rates of unemployment in the US and Japan from March 1993 to March 1999.As can be seen from the line graph, the US experienced in a downward trend whereas Japan had an upward trend throughout the period.

From March 1993 to March 1994, there were dramatical changes in the unemployment rates in both countries.At first, the percentage of jobless people in the US’ labour force was 7.0, tripled that of Japan. But after a sharp decrease, the unemployment rates was 6.0, doubled japan’s (3.7). This was also due to a surge in the percentage of Japanese out-of-work people.

In the next period ( March 1993- March 1996), the two countries experienced in the same trend as the last period’s. US’s unemployment rate slightly dropped to 5.5, just about nearly 1% higher than Japan’s.

In the period of March 1996 – Middle of March 1998, the percentage of jobless people in Japan ‘s labour force continued to rise gradually to just above 5.0, met that of the US in about July 1998.

In the last period ( Middle of 1998- March 1999), there was not much changes and the both countries unemployment rates stayed around 5.0 . That was 2.5 % higher than Japan’s start point and 2,5% lower than that of the US’s.
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